custom blog set up

Are you dreaming of having a blog, but don't have the foggiest idea where to begin?

Is the technical part of blog set up holding you back from getting started?

Have you been meaning to start a blog, but get so overwhelmed that you give up before you even start? 

I'm here to help!

I'm a former elementary school teacher who is currently learning to code- the perfect person to help teachers and non-techy people get their blogs and websites off the ground- finally!

3 easy steps to your new blog: 

1. Submit your $25 payment receive a link to the custom Blogger set up form.  

2. Complete the custom Blogger set up form.  (It's really simple & only takes 10-15 minutes.)

3. Once your form is completed & submitted, your blog will be set up within 72 hours.

It's that simple! 

sample design:  

your blog could look this good!

choose a header design (including chalkboards in multiple colors!), fonts, title & description, even a menu

choose which widgets you want to add

choose your own fonts, colors, & even the date layout

How complicated is filling out the form? 

The questions are mostly multiple choice, and there are images to show the options.

It should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
The form has 7 sections:
1. basic information- email, name, blog title, etc.
2. header design & color palette
3. background design
4. fonts
5. site layout, menu, & favicon
6. blog post layout
7. widgets

What's the difference between a custom set up and a custom design? 

A custom design involves custom graphics & branding (and a LOT more work!).  A custom set up means that your blog will be set up according to your choices and specifications, but using the pre-installed features that Blogger comes with.  If you're not quite ready to spend a ton of money on a custom design (or to do all that decision making), but still need a little help getting started, a custom set up is a great choice.  Your blog will still reflect your style and preferences, but with a lot less work and expense.

Do I get a revision once the set up is complete? 

I'll set up your blog exactly the way you specify.  Sometimes, when we see how something fits together, it doesn't work out the way we pictured it.  Once your blog is set up, I'll be happy to make changes on up to three specific items for you (not three revisions- three items).  In addition, once the initial set up is completed, it's fairly easy to change things around yourself, even if you're not very tech savvy.  

& purchase

** This is for a customized Blogger set up of pre-installed Blogger designs & settings. ** This is not for custom branding or custom designs.  **